Surrey Youth Voice

Surrey Young Mayor

Hello, my name is Jacob Wrenn and I am the Surrey Young Mayor for the 2020/21 term.

The Surrey Young Mayor champions youth voice across the county and works with young people to act on the issues affecting them.

In my manifesto, I have outlined 4 key points of action I wish to achieve as the first ever Surrey Young Mayor.

Throughout the term, I hope to build upon the work that has already been started and continue to grow the involvement of youth voice across Surrey. This will take place in a number of ways such as frequent meetings with Surrey’s Chairman and working with borough and district councils across the county.

In light of this aim to work together to promote youth voice, I have selected a theme for the term of “Communication and Collaboration”.

This work will continue to progress while I also engage with events in the community and support the Chairman on official engagements.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check the Surrey Youth Voice Blog or follow me on Twitter @wrenn_jacob for any updates.